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Hobbyking listens, updates Smart6 charger

Hobbyking listens, updates Smart6 charger

July 19, 2011 20:10 | By | Add a Comment

In our Smart6 Review we complained about some bad PCB layout decisions and build quality issues in what’s otherwise a very good balancing charger. Hobbyking has obviously watched our youtube video (which was posted a few months ago) because not only did they fix both the fan connector and the keyboard connector, but they now also make the annoying buzzer shut up with some hot glue.

The revised PCB has all our complaints fixed: Proper connectors for fan and keyboard, and the buzzer is not painfully loud anymore

We’ve updated our review accordingly. Thumbs up to Hobbyking for listening and acting!

FPV Central launched

FPV Central launched

July 13, 2011 11:51 | By | Add a Comment

Hello and welcome to FPV Central!

We’re aiming to provide you with a stable and trustworthy source for news and reviews about the wonderful hobby of FPV flying. We’ll be examining both general RC gear and gadgets as well as FPV systems and components, from camera modules to transmitters, video goggles and On Screen Display systems.

We intend to bring you more in-depth reviews than the usual “seems to work okay”-stuff. Flying a model plane or helicopter from the cockpit perspective is a subject with lots of question marks, and you can easily burn though hundreds of dollars before finding out that what was advertised as FPV system is not really up to the task.

We want to take out some of the guesswork and give you a good, balanced and honest coverage of the products on the market. If something’s a piece of crap, we will let you know!

We’re still getting settled in right now, but expect more content and especially the first detailed reviews here soon!

Upcoming reviews

Upcoming reviews

July 13, 2011 9:00 | By | Add a Comment

There’s a number of reviews being prepared right now. For starters, we will compare the famous FatShark FPV goggles with some non-brand and cheaper competition. Suffice to say that there are a few surprises there!
Furthermore, there’s been a slew of new chargers that we’ll cover, as well as various FPV cameras. We will establish a standard comparison process that will allow you to visually compare the quality of the camera picture, among other things.

Finally there’s a number of HowTo’s on the way, for example a build and wiring instruction for an all-in-one FPV camera pod that can be easily removed and attached to different airframes.

Stay tuned!