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Buyer beware: FPVStyle.com

Buyer beware: FPVStyle.com

April 14, 2015 9:45 | By | Add a Comment

You may recall some of the recent product news that involved fpvstyle.com. Well, as “recent” as the end of 2014. Since then, we received word from one of their business partners that they are “no longer associated” with fpvstyle.com, and in addition to that the website has been completely redone with all existing accounts and orders vanishing from their system.

That would not be a problem, were it not for the fact that apparently a number of customers never received their orders. Among them is a test purchase done by ourselves, dating back as far as December 2014. Our communications with FPVStyle were telling us that a delivery would surely take place soon, eventually passing the maximum time allowed by Paypal to reverse a charge. That time window has been shortened recently by Paypal, and may vary depending on where you live.

Interestingly, in all cases, once this happened FPVStyle stopped responding.

Since we not only got complaints about fpvstyle.com from other sources, but experienced the issues ourselves first-hand, we are posting a public notice about their current state of services.

Other retailers like Goodluckbuy or even HobbyKing have experienced problems in the past. However in both cases their support worked hard to get the products delivered to the customer amidst problems like shipping companies no longer transporting LiPo batteries or general IT system failures. What is not acceptable is for a support line to go silent.

If you are also still waiting for an order from fpvstyle.com to arrive, let us know.

Update: More links with customer complaints [1], [2]

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FPVStyle Unicorn 1 combo features interesting video goggles

FPVStyle Unicorn 1 combo features interesting video goggles

December 25, 2014 20:15 | By | 5 Comments

Warning: The retailer mentioned in this article appears to not be fulfilling orders. See our news on this for more details.

So, www.fpvstyle.com is selling a kit for USD 499.- containing a mini FPV quadcopter and video goggles. The specs on the quad sound pretty alright, even though we don’t know the flight controller it does have GPS and uses SimonK firmware on the ESCs and a claimed flight time of 15 minutes on 2200mAh 3S batteries.


So far so mildly interesting. Until you see that they’ve finally caught on to the day and age of the Oculus Rift, and done away with the now-obsolete FPV goggles we’re used to. It’s a giant pair of goggles with a wide field of view! Check out the closeups after the break!

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