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Upgrade your Naza-M lite to a Naza v2… for free

Upgrade your Naza-M lite to a Naza v2… for free

January 4, 2015 17:51 | By | 3 Comments

Thanks to the efforts of rcgroups user udnham (RCGroups removed his post and then closed the thread due to “legal issues”, surprise surprise…), you can upgrade your Naza-M flight controller to a Naza V2. Without paying hundreds of dollars for a box that contains the exact same hardware.

Yes you read that right. Not only does DJI use relatively low-performance accelerometer and gyro sensors (maxing out at 200 degree/s), they essentially sell the same hardware at a significant price markup with the software being the only difference. And since anything done in software can be undone in software, udnham has done just that and is now offering a free upgrade tool at http://naza-upgrade.com for  all Naza-M owners.

What does this upgrade give you? Well..

  • Better inflight algoritms – takeoff, landing, GPS position and altitude hold
  • Octacopters support
  • Ability to connect CAN-bus devices such as iOSD, zenmuse gimbal etc (using v2 pmu module)
  • Autonomous waypoint flight from groundstation with dji datalink modem
  • All other features that Naza-m v2 have

The tool works by circumventing the software locks DJI built in to prevent users from upgrading their flight controllers “too much”. It’s a non-official hack that basically turns your $160 flight controller into a $300 one. It’s unlikely that DJI will just continue to let this happen, so you may want to grab the tool before DJI yanks it, as the RCGroups post is already gone.

It will be interesting to see DJI claim any kind of legal issue here though. The firmware update is being distributed for free over the internet, the only thing the tool does is make the V2 firmware work on the V1 flight controller. Though we are not lawyers, this does seem to invoke the interoperability exception to copyright in most jurisdictions. Or in other words, if you buy a Lexus car, the manufacturer can’t really sue you for showing customers how to make cheaper Toyota brand parts fit in it. Then again, a new lawsuit may bring a new ruling…

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Devention Devo 6 Update adds telemetry without hardware modification

Devention Devo 6 Update adds telemetry without hardware modification

March 3, 2012 17:22 | By | Add a Comment

The Devention Devo 6 Transmitter supports Telemetry out of the box. All you need to do is apply the latest upgrade by Walkera and bind to a compatible receiver with telemetry support, like the one built into the Mini-CP.

Bonus: The Mini-CP has the exact same flight setup as the Genius-CP, so you can just copy your existing model and pretty much fly right away.

Walkera USB Software Update Utility

Devo 6 Firmware v0.3/0.2