Fix for Devo 6 battery drain problem

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Are your batteries getting drained in your Devo6 even though you made sure to turn it off? Read up on a simple fix that will allow you to finally keep those batteries in the transmitter over the week without starting the weekend with a dead transmitter.

Here is a simple fix for the Devention Devo 6 that will make this transmitter drain no power while turned off.
The stock Devo6 suffers from a design error that causes a constant 5mA load to drain the batteries, even when the transmitter is turned off.

Current drain of a switched-off Devo 6 transmitter without modifications

Luckily the error is easy to fix and doesn’t require you to unsolder any SMD parts. All you need is a soldering iron with a fine tip, a piece of thin wire, a precision cutter and a little bit of patience, and you’ll be able to keep those batteries inside the transmitter without finding them empty two weeks later.

First, unscrew the 5 screws on the back. You will have to remove the rubber paddings on the back and sides, and don’t forget to remove the battery first.

Open up at the yellow dots. You will need an imbus screwdriver.


Unplug the DSC and Charging connectors from the main PCB. On the left side of the PCB there are two copper traces (indicated with yellow lines) you need to cut with a fine precision cutter tool. Make sure the cut actually disconnects the copper trace, use an ohmmeter to verify that the connection has been severed. The copper trace on the bottom (next to the rectangular SMD diode) is a bit tricky, but you just need to cut right along the edge of the diode, and don’t cut too far down.

After cutting you should measure around 80 Kilo-ohms at the bottom cut, and even more at the top one.

Cut the copper traces (red) at the yellow indications. Make sure the cut actually disconnects the traces.

Now take your soldering iron and connect the two components with a thin piece of wire, as shown in the picture below:

That’s it! Now reconnect the Charge and DSC connectors to the main PCB, close the transmitter, and now you should measure the following current when the transmitter is turned off:

Success! Current drain is below 1uA after the modification.


With this modification our batteries will remain usable for months and you won’t have to take them out ever again!


NOTE: the charge connector will still drain 5mA even while not charging the transmitter, but that’s hardly an issue.



Credits: Thanks to Bytemuncher for bugging Walkera about this problem and managing to get a response with a circuit diagram detailing what’s wrong!



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