SpyHawk RTF plane has a sweet integrated FPV remote

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Hubsan is offering a range of ready-to-fly FPV products that remove the need for all the cables typically associated with FPV flying. The system uses a remote control with integrated video system:


The remote combines a 2.4GHz spread spectrum control system and a 5.8GHz video link


The remote has a video output in case you want to use your own glasses, and best of all, the 5.8GHz video system is compatible with most receivers out there except FatShark equipment – then again, FatShark is not compatible with anything but FatShark anyway.

There’s several models available, including helicopters and an EPO-made pushprop-plane called “Spyhawk”:

Interestingly, the Spyhawk has a 5MP camera, gyro-stabilization and an integrated microSD slot for recording the video feed it sends to the RC remote. The Spyhawk RTF package and the helicopter packages can be ordered at onlyflyingmachines.com and cost less than $300.-

A GPS-powered Auto-Return module will also be made available in Summer 2012, and can be just plugged into the Spyhawk to upgrade it to a semi-autonomous drone.

Hubsan FPV Website: www.hubsan.com


Technical Specifications:

EPO Crashproof Material
Wing Span:843mm
Overall Length:617mm
Flying Weight: 180g
Flying time: around 30 mins
Motor:C1404 Brushless KV3000
Battery:7.4V 450 mAh
Transmitter:2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5″LCD Monitor
Video+Audio: 5.8Ghz Transmission
Camera:5M pixels camera included
Live video distance:400 meters
OSD module included
Auto-pilot module(Option H301A )
Video Recording module(Option H301A )
Memory Card:Micro SDHC class6 2G (Option)
GPS return module (Option H301A)






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  1. justin says:

    is it possible to buy the remote control alone?

    • fpvcentral says:

      At the moment they only offer the complete bundle with either one of two helicopter models, or the Spyhawk.

      I’m sure there will be more options and the possibility to order the controller alone, though most people will probably be interested in purchasing the model without the controller…

  2. Simon Dale says:

    Spyhawk is compatible with Fatshark and besides that Fatshark is based on Airwave modules which work on FCC and CE approved frequencies (unlike modules from other manufacturers). This means it is compatible with other equipment from other manufacturers who use Airwave modules – eg Airwave, Iftron, ImmersionRC, Fatshark, etc.

    At my request, the new Spyhawk 2 allows the user to manually set the video channel on the transmitter to ensure the channel works with their other gear (eg Fatshark goggles, Airwave receivers, ImmersionRC diversity, etc). Whereas previously the channel was selected randomly and only matched Fatshark half the time (there are more than 7 channels on the Spyhawk).

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