OS-RC Project builds the FPV RC Transmitter of your Dreams

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The OS-RC transmitter is modular and may be extended to a full integrated FPV platform.


What do all the current dominant RC transmitters have in common? They are all closed-source and full of unrealized potential.  The OS-RC Project aims to rectify that, and after over a year of work they have now opened up preorders for their modular RC control platform. The base unit consists of a transmitter with optically-scanned and motorized(!) sticks that don’t have any springs or ratchets anymore, a graphical LCD with an intuitive menu, and the possibility to snap-on a full-color TFT module for displaying your FPV video feed right on the transmitter.

The transmitter can support both a choice of Futaba, JR or Hitec RF modules, as well as their own “cloud-RC” transmission module. This unique system will allow the OS-RC transmitter to reach a model that’s outside its own transmission range, as long as there are other models with OS-RC receiver inbetween. This multi-hop communication is indeed unique on the market right now, and it will be interesting to see how it works in practice.

Base price starts at around EUR 570.- with a fully decked-out transmitter with 4.8 inch TFT screen coming to a solid EUR 1100.- or more. Preorders are open now at www.gizmoforyou.net, deliveries are expected to start in Q3 2012.


Watch their lengthy introduction video below, and note the motorized sticks shown moving on their own as the transmitter is turned on:

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