FreeFlight controller discontinued?

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There’s been a disturbing rumor about a discontinuation of the FreeFlight controller. First, chat logs surfaced between an user and an alleged employee of the company producing the FreeFlight boards, in which the employee cited legal tension between the manufacturer of the Rabbit flight controller and FreeFlight as the reason for them stopping both the design of the upcoming GPS module, as well as ceasing to manufacture the FreeFlight controller itself. According to these chat logs, the company behind FreeFlight is now working on a new, completely integrated controller that combines all sensors and GPS onto a single PCB.

These are all rumors of course, and impossible to verify.

However, we received the following letter from in one of our recent shipments, which incidentally contained both a MultiWii SE and a KK5.5 flight controller (as well as two fitting USB FTDI interfaces) instead of the FreeFlight controller:


Thank you for buying at!
You may notice that we have sent both MWC SE and KK 5.5 board with your copter, instead of FF board.
The reason is that we recently changed the control board of the quad-copters you bought; also the website descriptions have been changed too. But we also considered that our customers may have not noticed this minor change, therefore we send your order by express with no extra cost, also with two control boards that may give you more options. Hope you would like it.
We also sent our gifts with your order besides the extra control board, to thank you for being a customer of GLB!
Hope to see you soon!

The GLB team

P/S: Our FF board supplier quits their business, so FF board would not be listed on our website now!


We have no information whether this means no FF boards from one supplier, or no FF boards at all. There’s also no confirmation about possible legal action from another controller manufacturer. All we know for certain is that there are no FF boards available from GoodLuckBuy in the forseeable future, however their way to deal with this situation was commendable!

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