Holybro KK Board, yet another KK clone

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Yo Bro! It’s the Holybro KK Multicopter Flight Controller, the latest version of the aging controller board design by Rolf “CapteinKUK” Bakke, featuring… the same old Murata gyros? The same “latest version 5.5” PCB that has been sold for well over a year now?

Look, the KK boards were the mainstay of the multicopter revolution, but in 2012 there’s simply no valid reason for getting one of these anymore. The “Bro” version sold at GoodLuckBuy is relatively cheap at $20 and comes in several pre-programmed versions for X, Y, Single-, Dual-, Hex-, etc. -copter… but why get this when you can get the better Eagle N6 / i86 for the same money? Not only is the i86 smaller and lets you select airframe type with simple DIP switches, but the STM 3D gyro is simply generations ahead of the aging Murata gyros on the KK board.

Hobbyking sells their KK board by pitching those gyros as being “high end” – but in fact the ENC type Murata gyros are not even being produced in volume anymore, they have been phased out back in 2008, and Hobbykings own HK401 helicopter gyro ditched the aging Murata ENC sensor for a new gyro sensor in 2011. It is said that these gyros are less vibration sensitive than SMD gyros, but we tested the i86 with props that were not quite balanced, and the SMD-gyro powered board still flew as stable as any gyro-only board.


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