KK2 Controller Board with integrated LCD announced

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Just when you thought you’ve seen them all, HobbyKing releases a brand-new flight controller designed by Rolf Bakke, the maker of the original KK flight controller! Press video and tech specs after the break!

Hobbyking just posted a very interesting product video about the upcoming KK2 board!


Major new features include integrated 3D accelerometer (finally!), 8 motor outputs, and of course an integrated display for setting up the entire board without a PC. Even the motor layout is shown graphically. Here’s the full feature list and menu contents:


– 3 Axis Gyro
– 3 Axis Accelerometer
– LCD Screen

LCD Menu:

– PI Editor
– Receiver Test
– Mode Settings
– Stick Settings
– Misc. Settings
– Self-Level Settings
– Sensor Test
– Sensor Calibration
– ESC Calibration
– Mixer Editor
– Show Motor Layout
– Load Motor Layout
– Debug

Supported Airframes:

– SingleCopter 2M 2S
– SingleCopter 1M 4S
– DualCopter
– TriCopter
– Y6
– QuadroCopter +
– QuadroCopter X
– X8 +
– X8 X
– HexaCopter +
– HexaCopter X
– OctoCopter +
– OctoCopter X
– H6
– H8
– V6
– V8
– Airplane 1S Aileron
– Airplane 2S Aileron
– Flying Wing



FPV Central will have a review on this controller coming up soon!



UPDATE: Here’s a shot from their production line:

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