SkyRC GPS logger measures your speed, slowly…

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The SkyRC GSM-010 is a GPS receiver/logger with an integrated display for current and maximum speed and altitude, trip length, time etc. – it was designed for RC modelers, or so SkyRC claims, allowing pretty much everyone to drop this 40 gram heavy unit into their plane to measure the maximum speed over ground.

In essence this is just a GPS datalogger with a display. The model name (“GSM”) doesn’t hint at a built-in GSM modem, it’s just there because… that’s what they call it. There’s 4MB of data storage, and a USB port so you can download the recorded route to your laptop for display in Google Earth. A miniscule 200mAh LiPo inside gives you 150 minutes of GPS tracking time. You won’t be able to put this into your pylon racer any time soon, as it’s definitely on the bulky side:

The GPS has a 1Hz maximum update rate, which can be slowed down even further using the supplied PC software – you know, just in case you want your top speed measurements to become even less meaningful.

Honestly it’s difficult to see this being useful for anyone but an RC beginner with a mild curiosity for how fast their model can go. The 1Hz GPS receiver pretty much disqualifies this for high-speed planes as you’ll have to sustain your top speed for several seconds before this unit will provide even a half-accurate measurement, the bulky case will make it impossible to place this in cramped or slim fuselages, and the battery capacity is suboptimal as well.

You can buy this for $70 at Goodluckbuy, or you can get the Voltron mini GPS logger instead, a smaller device that weighs only 12 grams despite also having integrated display – plus it connects directly to your receiver. The Voltron is sadly restricted to 1Hz GPS updates too.


A much more professional GPS logger can be found by visiting SM-Modellbau (german), their GPS Logger weighs only 11 grams, has a fast 10Hz GPS and a micro SD slot, and it supports telemetry communications with Multiplex M-Link, HOTT and Jeti Duplex receivers out of the box. You can find this product in their shop here. They have a whole range of products for your logging and measurement needs, and best of all, they’re all compatible with each other.


The GPS Logger by SM-Modellbau is smaller, lighter, and features a high-performance 10Hz GPS receiver.


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