GoPro Hero3 offers 4k video and 120fps recording

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The GoPro 2 was due for a revamp, and now there’s not just two models but three. Features range from 120fps video to WiFi control and streaming. Read up on the details and oogle the press shots after the break.

Get ready for a serious spec bump with the GoPro Hero3.  It’s predecessor, the Hero2, sported a faint increase in image quality and a slightly better user interface, but this is definitely a whole new animal:

Three different models are being offered: The economic $199 “White Edition” records 1080p at 30fps using it’s 5MP sensor, the $299 “Silver Edition” increases this to 11MP and a slightly faster burst photo mode, while the fully tricked-out $399 “Black Edition” has a 12MP sensor with improved low-light performance, records 1080p at 60fps – and can even record at 4k resolution at 12fps, and 2.7k resolution at 30fps. 720p recording gets bumped up to an impressive 120fps.

All models are 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the GoPro Hero2, and the storage medium has changed from SD cards to MicroSD cards up to 64 GB.

All these cameras have WiFi built in and can be controlled via the GoPro WiFi remote. One such remote is able to control multiple cameras, which makes this ideal for multi-camera takes. The remote is included with the Black Edition, while you have to purchase it separately for the cheaper versions.

Suffice to say, the Hero3 shakes up the action cam segment quite a bit. The inclusion of the WiFi remote with integrated screen combined with the new sensors and resolutions, as well as the 120fps recording mode definitely much-needed breakthroughs. While it was difficult to recommend an upgrade to the Hero2, this time GoPro seems to have nailed the right combination of features and pricing.

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