Walkera announces Devo F7 integrated FPV transmitter system

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Walkera has obviously been looking at the Hubsan FPV transmitter and has just come out with their own integrated system, the Devo F7 FPV transmitter. This new model offers a color LCD screen and integrated 5.8GHz video receiver. Click the read more link for fancy press photos and details.


The manufacturer has set up a preliminary info page here: http://walkera.com/en1/particular.jsp?pn=DEVO+F7

The transmitter is a regular Devention system with a video monitor built-in, and one has to wonder if perhaps there’s actually Hubsan technology in there since the transmitter UI and the onscreen text etc. look so similar to the Hubsan model. The system is the usual Walkera DSSS 2.4GHz, while video transmissions are received on the 5.8GHz band.

The other specs are rather pedestrian: 7 channels, 15 model memory, according to Walkera the F7 does support the wireless model transfer feature of the other Devention radios. Battery size is a miniscule 800mAh.

Very little is known about the actual menu operation and if the rather good UI of the Devo6, Devo8 and Devo12 makes an appearance here, or if the F7 is stuck with the drab white text on blue background while in the menu. But for the curious, here’s a video from which a few glances can be taken:

Price point is currently all over the place, some shops list it as 400 Euros, others as low as 210 Euros (about $250). But even at around 200 Euros the question is whether the undoubtedly high current drain and the lack of touchscreen operation make this one a serious contender with Walkera’s own Devo 8S, which can be had for under $200 dollars these days. The other question is whether the small screen is worth it: It’s incredibly hard to fly FPV with that kind of monitor, video glasses are almost always superior in every way, and you can’t even use a high-gain antenna to get better reception.

That said, it’s interesting to see where transmitters are going. Between models with integrated video reception like the aforementioned F7, and new breeds of computerized radios like the jawdroppingly well-made Jeti DS-16 and DC-16, 2013 is bound to be a very interesting year for RC modelers in general, and FPV pilots in particular.

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