F550 Hexa Frame with integrated flight controller

December 19, 2012 13:17 | By | 19 Comments

This is a sturdy nylon hexacopter frame with an integrated flight controller. And when we say integrated, we mean integrated.


The specs so far:

  • HJ F550 Quadcopter Frame
  • MWC 2012 flight control board with 2.1 firmware
  • 6 x 20A ESC
  • 6 x XXD 2212 Motor
  • 6 pairs x 9047 Propellers CW&CCW
  • GPS Module

So for $230 you get an okay ARTF hexacopter kit – but you better never ever crash it. If you so much as crack the upper PCB during a crash or a rough landing, you have to replace the whole board with the flight controller. Not exactly a smart design.

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  1. doug roundup says:

    So has anybody got one of these? I purchased ftom goodlucksell but havent recieved any confirmation of shipping yet. I have found out that I may be in for a long and unpleasant wait to recieve anything from this seller as they have a bad reputation.
    This is my first multicopter…. Just curious of others experienced? Man at that price it seems like it should be worth the wait.
    Perhaps I may get a IFly from Hobbyking while await the 550 hex.
    Also what exactly is a mwc “2012”? Is that anything close to the Crius or is ita “se” ? Not sure what 2012 model means? Obviusly they use 2.1 software on their proprietary one piece circuit board….

    • doug roundup says:

      Anybody got one of these yet? Seems like alot of stuff for the money.
      I ordered one Christmas Eve. and I am still awaiting for shipping confirmation and tracking number. Seems to be sitting in limbo.
      This is my first multicopter. I have a Turnigy 9X to use with this.
      I am not sure exactly what a MWC 2012 controller is? Would that be similiar to the CRIUS mwc se? Regardless…. It will be loaded with 2.1 so there’s plenty of resources available. GPS too! Will this thing compete against a NAZA?

  2. doug roundup says:

    Well I guess this thing hasnt generated too much interest….
    No replies?
    Nobody get one yet?
    Well I ordered one on christmas eve and just got a tracking number today Jan.10th. The shipping was free but the tracking number was couple dollars to upgrade. GLAD I ORDERED TRACKING.
    I will try to remember to update if anyone is at all interested?!?!
    I wish someone else could tell me more about this thing. MWC WITH 2.1 AND GPS, Motors and 20amp ESC in a hex?? Sounds like a whole hella lotta bird for the money… Wouldnt ya think? I still not sure what exact board is a MWC “2012” Is this only a multiwii board or will it run NG pirate too?

  3. doug roundup says:

    STILL IN TRANSIT ! Awaiting delivery……

  4. doug roundup says:

    Wow I cant believe I am the only one to have pulled the trigger and ordered one of these? Well I am still waiting for it to arrive from overseas.
    So is this a total noob thing to try and get one of these up and going?
    I have had very good success with rtf china 450 clones and those dreaded flysky 6 channel radios that can only be programmed with a computer. I finally got a cheap turnigy 9x that is field programmable and have been shopping around for serial bluetooth modules for android interfacing…..
    So far, the tracking still shows it in transit from china to the US.
    I keep bumping this in hopes of generating some converstion. IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A EZ AND INEXPENSIVE WAY TO GET A FULLY FEATURED BUNDLE OF HARDWARE….
    I’m just starting to wonder if maybe the joke is on me and I am just not knowing something???? Maybe no serious “real” hobbyist would take this thing seriously. I did get some ribbing about the clone 450 stuff but I kinda played it off like I was an actual lame when in fact I used to fly Nitro 60 size helis and owning some pretty respectable gear . So I guess I no longer am a gear snob and have been able to make do with the lower end stuff… However there will always be some junk that is just a joke…. I dunno this looks like it should work.

    • Steven says:

      Hi. I bought one of those Hexacopter recently. I have no idea how to wire it. It said just put the motor and props together and connect your rx and tx and good to go. I don’t think so. I’m still a newb at rc stuff so I just wanted something easy to build. I looked all over online to see if there was a manual for this Hexacopter. I haven’t found one yet. Oh btw, I chose the DHL shipping and got it in 5 days from China to Hawaii…

  5. echoes says:

    Don’t forget to post when it arrives!
    i’m at least curios 🙂

    • doug roundup says:

      Finally getting some interest generated and my bird arrives and I disappear!
      Yes bird arrived in a nicely packaged box, exactly one month after I placed the order. Looking back it sure seemed like an inordinate lengthy month! Order placed on Christmas eve and recieved package signed reicipt via USPS January 24th.
      The box was well packaged with no missing parts and actually had a couple duplicate packages of misc hardware. The frames are very solid molded and the fit and finish are very good considering the budget price. Overall a very sturdy but fairly heavy airframe. This is a very complete package with every thing except RADIO, LIPO, FTDI and….DOCUMENTATION! THERE IS REALLY NO PUBLISHED INFO SPECIFIC TO THEIR “INTERGRATED MWC2012” FLIGHT CONTROLLER AND THE SPECIFIC CONNECTION DETAILS AND LAYOUT OF ITS SENSORS AND THEIR OPTIONS AND USE.
      So ya kinda just gotta wing it and choose your own unguided path throughought the internet and open source community. I just kinda keep making comparsions to all the different Aurdino based boards and kinda narrow it down from there. STILL UNSURE WHICH ARDUINO DEVICE TO SELECT SHOULD I DECIDE TO START FROM SCRATCH AND UPLOAD A NEW SKETCH FILE.
      However, I have installed my Turnigy 9x and got the basic setup to hover and some small pirouettes and slow small eye level circuits in my first two flights. This is straight outta the box with no calibration or adjustment other than trim and endpoints on the transmitter. The copter is a bit drifty but does hovery easily and responds pretty smoothly to stick inputs. Unfortunately I havent figured out anything on the optional flight modes such as level mode or headfree and how to utilize the Gps. All the things that interested me in multis. I suppose i could just flip the switch in flight with some decent altitude and see what happens……NOT!
      I got a bluetooth module but no luck getting it setup so I also purchased a ftdi and have looked at my setup in multiwii gui . I just needto spend some time doing more research and with interogating my stock setup.
      Overall I am very pleased with my purchase Especially bang for the buck. This was a bit of a compulsive purchase for me but I have no problem understanding that a certain amount of commitment goes into such pursuits. I am surprised how minimal effort I already am hoverbound! THIS IS NO NAZA BUT LOOK AT THE PRICE!

      • fpvcentral says:

        The good thing is that if you crash the copter and break the board, you can replace it with a standard plate without the controller, and buy a new, separate controller board. That way future crashes will be a bit cheaper 🙂

  6. Andreas Walder says:


    I have also buy the F550 Hexa Frame with integrated flight controller. But i have formated the 2 mega328p. Have anybody download the compatible software for the INTERGRATED MWC2012. I have try load it with the multiwii software 2.1 but my motors do not armed. sorry for my english!! can everybody help me to get the original software? thanks!!

    • doug roundup says:


      MWC 2.1. Should work fine. The specific microcontroller description when loading up the Arduino Sketch file is “Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v 16Mhz”.
      Double check the endpoint adjustments on your transmitter. Also there is an alternate arming method that utilizes the “roll” stick instead of the throttle/yaw. To disarm with the roll stick just hold it to the right for one full second.
      I hope this may help you. The biggest thing is going to be making sure to define all your options within the 2.1 file. Some of that can be done using Multi wii gui but the basic options will need to be defined in the arduino sketch. You will need to learn to navigate that first.

      • Per says:

        I am facing same problem. Don’t know what board type to use in config.h and don’t know what sensors is used on the board. If anyone has a working version I would appreciate it if you share config.h.

    • Volker Holland says:

      Hallo Andreas,

      icj habe auch den f550 mit der integrierten Multiwii. Es scheint jedoch unmöglich das Gerät in Gang zu bekommen. Hast du es schon geschafft? Eine Anleitung ist ja nicht zu bekommen.

      MfG Volker

  7. rkocar says:

    I bought a F450 from Goodluck Buy it came with MWC2012 with gps But i have no Idea how to connect reciever to it and how to plug in the GPS it came with no Instructions.Anyone know how to connect this board .I went to a web page thatis suppose to be the English Translation but the board thet show is Different.Also it came with 3 wire sets that are different then what it should have.Can anyone help.

    • fpvcentral says:

      The GPS can either have a serial (likely) or I2C (less likely) interface. In theory you just need to find a serial port on your controller board and plug in the RX and TX lines there. Find a GND and 5V pin and connect the GPS GND and 5V wires to it. In MultiWii, you then enable the FPS in config.h and set the proper serial port. You may need to experiment which serial port works for your board.

  8. Andreas Walder says:

    Hallo Volker,

    nein habe noch nichts herausgefunden ĂĽber das Board!
    falls du eine Lösung hast auf welchen Controller was gehört oder wie das “ding” funktioniert dann melde dich bitte!

    [email protected]

    Habe noch einen anderen quadrocopter und da funktioniert die multiwii problemlos. Aber die einstellung der china regler macht mir noch zu schaffen. Habe die Regler von diesem f550 entnommen.

    mfg Andreas

  9. Andreas Walder says:

    Hallo Volker,

    nein habe noch nichts herausgefunden ĂĽber das Board!
    falls du eine Lösung hast auf welchen Controller was gehört oder wie das “ding” funktioniert dann melde dich bitte!
    [email protected]

    Habe noch einen anderen quadrocopter und da funktioniert die multiwii problemlos. Aber die einstellung der china regler macht mir noch zu schaffen. Habe die Regler von diesem f550 entnommen.

    mfg Andreas

  10. Brian says:

    I too bought this copter, tried to sync esc with editing the sketch but some thing went wrong, it has the atmega 2560 proccessor on board, but i don’t know what baro, mag, or any other built in acc are to edit the setup with cause the emprom was cleared for some reason, can anyone help????

  11. Leopoldo says:

    what is teh IMU board to config in arduino?????

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