Turnigy 9XR now properly uses the source, Luke

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Developers of the er9x open source firmware were up in arms about the situation regarding the release of the Turnigy 9XR Transmitter, which shipped with their firmware but without following the terms and conditions of the GPL license, under which the firmware was released.

HK have responded and promised to post the sourcecode, and they linked to the creators of the firmware as well as fixed the manual to include the proper credits. While this should’ve been done on day one, it’s very positive that they stepped up and fixed the issue without any beating around the bush. In the end both sides will get what they want: The RC community gets a radio that is cheap, solid and gives them the freedom to choose their favorite RF system, while HobbyKing gets a community that is more than happy to contribute work and development effort to their product.

It’s quite likely that the whole aspect of GPL licensing was simply overlooked when the marketing campaign for the 9XR launched. Luckily the aims of the GPL match what HK is doing with the 9XR, so it makes perfect sense to leverage the power of the community for the common good AND profit.

With the er9x Firmware now coming pre-installed on a transmitter that even features a GPIO port for easy flashing of firmware updates, chances are that even more people will be interested in participating in the development of cool new features.

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