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200W for 150 bucks doesn’t sound like a steal, but the X200 charger tries to soften the blow with a fancy touchscreen user interface. Read up for more pictures and details!

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$150 for a 200W charger? That’s certainly not the cheapest offer out there, but the X200 from iMaxRC justifies this price point with a full color touchscreen display and one of the more user friendly interfaces we’ve seen to date.

Basic Features include balance charging for up to 6 LiXX cells, maximum charge current 10A, maximum charge power 200W, maximum discharge current 3A. The charger features dedicated balance and cycle charge/discharge modes and a 5V USB output for charging your cellphone or your kids toy helicopter.

imaxrc-x200-019 imaxrc-x200-013

The charger displays charge voltage graphs as well as individual cell status in a very nice overview during charging, and operation is extremely simple and intuitive. Compared to some of the “hold button X while turning knob B” magic found on some of the current high-end chargers, this is a welcome change.

x2002 imaxrc-x200-006

A drawback of the X200 is the use of a breakout battery box for both the balancer and main leads. Not only is it yet another box that you have to lug around, but the included battery and balancer connections don’t even come close to covering what’s out there – which means you might end up using yet another adapter for your battery and/or balance connector. There’s no PC interface, however a temperature probe port is present and the temperature curve is displayed along with the other data.

Despite the weird breakout box, you could do worse than paying $150 for a 200W charger with both a cool and informative charge display AND excellent user interface. Sure, a Pulsar3 this charger ain’t, but then again the X200 doesn’t cost you over EUR 500.-



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