HefnyCopter Firmware 0.9.6 for KK2 released

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Do you like the KK2 controller, but wish it had support for telemetry and altitude hold? Hefny’s latest alternate firmware is here to serve. All the details after the break.

The outstanding KK2 multicopter flight controller is already a great value for the price, but that didn’t stop Hefny from writing his own firmware for it. He recently released v0.9.6 which enhances the sonar altitude hold feature.

Wait, what? Sonar on a KK2, I hear you ask?

Well yes, HefnyCopter has a few special features you won’t find in the (excellent) default firmware:

  • Rewired servo inputs allow for additional functions and fewer cables
  • Sonar altitude hold
  • XBEE data link support
  • Lost Buzzer (loud beeps help you find the quad if RX signal lost)
  • Auto Disarm
  • Improved PID algorithms
  • Buddy pilot mode

This firmware is Open Source and actively being developed, downloads and sourcecode are available on the google code repository and there is plenty of documentation and information available on the HefnyCopter site.

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