RCExplorer sends FPV Funjet into Space

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David from RCExplorer.se is always a good address for interesting projects that push boundaries. This time they sent a modified Multiplex FunJet into space via weather ballon, and then piloted it back to the ground via a 1.2GHz FPV link.

Not all went well however, as David explains they lost almost all the build pictures, their ground recording equipment stopped a few minutes into the ascent, and a cable on their receiver broke just while the balloon was nearing the burst point, which is why they were unable to sever the cable to the balloon before it popped.

Regardless of the difficulties, there’s still plenty of awesome imagery and detail in his writeup and the annotated video. For example, one might not know to remove the grease from your servos to avoid the grease freezing – unless you watched his video!



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