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Remember the Rabbit flight controller? The one that violated the open source license of MultiWii while claiming they did it all by themselves? They’re back for more – more of your money, that is. Check out what $120 (on Goodluckbuy) will get you from them after the break.


Specs are rather disappointingly sparse:

– 32 digits 72 MHZ CPU
– 10 channel 16 digits output channel,Support 10-axis or 8-axis+2axis camera gimbal,can set 50Hz~500Hz analog/didital servo or non- standard ESC singal.
– Max support 10-axis,with various port,support bluetooth,telemetry,ground station,OSD,Serial port,IIC device and so on
– with large power sound and light alarm
– with compact protection cover
– Support 140g mini quadcopter.
– Support Hexcopter,Octacopter,FPV Multicopter and so on
– With high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with compact structure and size
– 8 CH recieve channel, can set Auxiliary switch channels and PTZ control channel
– 10 channel 16 digits output channel,Support 10-axis or 8-axis+2axis camera gimbal,can set 50Hz~500Hz analog/didital servo or non- standard ESC singal.
– Supports mix-control: GIM-BAL,BI,TRI,QUADP,QUADX,Y4,Y6,HEX6,HEX6X,OCTOX8,OCTOFLATP,OCTOFLATX,FLYING_WING,FIEXD WIND mode and so on. can be add other mode according to users requirement.
– Provides PC tools to upgrade the fireware , convienent for users to set parameter,and download the new fireware.
– Supports quad-axis, hex-axis,eight-axis quadcopter( can not connect to PTZ as all the pins used to connect motor)
– 8 LED singal to indicate various mode, convinient to set parameters anytime even for a tiny adjust-ment. Can connect color LED strip, makes magnificant and unique night flight.
– Supports 4S battery Voltage test, avoid overdischarge.
– Provide alarm port,facilitate users to set low power alarm, the warning tone will be more pressing as the power lower and lower.
– With ultrasonic port, makes fixed hight function range 2 meters, perfect performance especially for the ground grading.
– With equipment selfcheck function, make sure safty flight . with sound and light signal in the self-check procedures.
– With high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer,facilitate users to add functions such as Automatic landing and Fixed-point return.(just buy additional board and download online upgrade software is ok)
– With Independent research and development software, can improve or add new functions as user’s requirements.
– Optinal output mode: Default ESC output 330MHZ.47HZ servo output, Servo/ESC output option: 50Hz(20ms); 100Hz(10ms); 270Hz(3.6ms); 330Hz(3ms);500Hz(2ms Special ESC);2KHz PWM(Special ESC)
– With the function: Auto Stability, 3D stunt,Height Lock,Head Lock, PTZ Stability, Autolanding, CareFree(CF)
– With the GPS model ,It can realize the founction: Go home, Position hold etc.


Gotta love how “independent research and development software” is a whole separate bullet on that list.  Ok so what’s the bit whopping deal? For $40 more than the Rabbit 1, you get two extra output channels. That’s it. There’s no info about sensors though it appears likely that the hardware is pretty much the same, except now it comes in a little plastic case.

Back when Rabbit 1 was (literally) all the rage, a lot of people bought it not caring about the theft of code and violation of the open source license of MultiWii, because all they cared about was flying their multicopters. That’s fine, if harsh for the original developers. Luckily, the folks at MultiWii are now so much ahead of the game that there’s simply no reason for anyone to buy a Rabbit. We don’t know yet the exact sensors you get with the Rabbit 2, so you’re essentially buying the cat in the bag.

At the beginning of 2013, there’s a lot of excellent choices, but it boils down to this:

If you want GPS, Bluetooth and place waypoints on your tablet, get a Crius AIO with 900MHz datalink and GPS for less than a Rabbit 2. If you want the easiest possible setup and don’t need GPS, get a KK2.0 with v1.5 Firmware. In our tests neither the Naza (as flown in the Phantom) nor the Rabbit performed better than these two.

Still want a Rabbit 2? It’s yours for $120 at GoodLuckBuy.

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