Walkera Goggle Glasses suspiciously look like Hubsan

June 24, 2013 21:29 | By | 1 Comment

Remember the Hubsan H510 FPV Goggles? The ones sold for around 100 bucks? Well now you can buy the same goggles, just Walkera-branded, for… $140 at ehirobo.com

Unless they seriously improved the resolution (which they haven’t) or improved the design (nope), not exactly a great deal. If you must absolutely have them, buy the cheaper Hubsan original.. Or better yet, save up for better FPV goggles.

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  1. Adam says:

    Earlier I was using GoPro 2 but I bought Sony HDR-as15 instead of GpPrp 3 (sorry but this is quite funny) for many reasons:
    1. Stereo sound (you may add 1cm separator in front and effect is great).
    2. Image stabilising system.
    3. Better responsiveness to low light due to larger CCD.
    4. Program for taking movies underwater.
    5. Lower price.
    6. Better shape for flying – less wind resistance.
    7. New functionalities after firmware update.

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