GoPro Hero 3+: better lens, more battery, same price

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GoPro recently announced the GoPro 3+ line, including the GoPro 3+ Black and Silver edition. There’s a nice list of improvements which are by itself not earth-shattering, but combined they do elevate the 3+ well above the competition in some respects:

  • New 2.8 lens for better image quality
  • 30% more battery life
  • 20% smaller case with tighter fit
  • faster WiFi chip
  • improved audio processing
  • new auto Low Light mode
  • new 1080p SuperView mode records in full resultion 4:3 and then sizes down to 16:9 for better quality at the cost of slight image squashing
  • Silver Edition now supports [email protected] and [email protected]

Prices are now $399 for the Black edition, $299 for the Silver edition, and the previous non-plus GoPro 3 can now be bought for a discounted $329, respectively $249 for the old Silver edition.



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