Two cheap turnkey Multicopters with camera-gimbal

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Goodluckbuy has a lot of cool stuff, and a lot of crappy stuff. This is definitely in the cool category:

An ARTF package for a F550 based Hexacopter, or a F450 based Quadcopter, both including aluminium brushless gimbal for a GoPro, complete with motors, ESCs and flight controller. The real kicker is the price: Just $210 for the quadcopter, or $270 for the hexacopter. GPS is a $24 addon. As far as one can see there’s only two downsides here: The frame comes with the MultiWii-based flight controller… because it’s integrated. So if you break the frame’s PCB you will have to get a new flight controller. The second downside is that it’s unclear whether the more capable MegaPirate or other firmwares will run on this flight controller. Our guess is, it won’t.

But other than that… frankly this is an amazing deal even if you just ditch the integrated flight controller, buy some F550/F450 baseplates without the integrated flight controller and stick a Crius AIO onto it. This is as cheap as it gets. Compare this with the less-capable DJI Phantom where the base model costs more than twice as much and doesn’t even include a gimbal, much less a high quality one as this.  In fact, depending on where you buy, the DJI gimbal costs more than this entire set.


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  1. jim jackson says:

    Is there any dedicated forums or discussions directly relating to these flight controls and these units. I picked up the quad with gimbal.

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