10g 5.8GHz 220mW FPV Transmitter

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GLB has a set of neat little FPV video transmitters on sale. It’s a 220mW 5.8GHz TX with integrated cloverleaf antenna, weighing only 10 grams. You can choose between a version with servo connector or one that fits right into your GoPro. Both cost around USD $58.- which is not a bad deal. Keep in mind that you will need a compatible left-hand circular polarized antenna on the receiver side as well.

Supported frequencies are 5.705, 5.685, 5.665, 5.645, 5.885, 5.905, 5.925 and 5.945 GHz, which means this won’t work with your ImmersionRC/FatShark receiver. But then again, there are better (higher selectivity, diversity etc.) receiver modules available that do work with these frequencies.

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