3D FPV camera now available for $319

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EMR Labs has announced the availability of the first hobby-grade 3D camera designed specifically for FPV flying. The camera can be set to either 2D or 3D mode and has adjustable convergence and white balance. It comes with a remote cable that can be connected to a receiver to control the camera convergence or exposure while the aircraft is in the air.  The exposure feature is excellent for keeping the ground properly visible under adverse conditions such as sunrise or sunset conditions. The camera lenses are positioned at the human inter-ocular distance to generate a true to life 3D experience.  Special calibration modes are provided to enable the user to realign the cameras if needed.

This is part of their Transporter 3D system which was successfully funded via IndieGoGo, promising to become the first commercially available and affordable integrated system for FPV flight using the Oculus Rift for total immersion.

We have an Oculus devkit in the lab here and we can tell you from personal experience that it’s awesome, so this is absolutely exciting news.

You can purchase the camera now from ReadyMadeRC or NGHobbies (Update: NGHobbies link is now defunkt) for USD $319.-


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