Drones fill in the blanks for OpenStreetMap

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US company Mapbox recently used RC technology to automatically create aerial photos and vector data for the OpenStreetMap project, filling in the white spot of a wine field. In 40 minutes, the drone took over 200 pictures with its 16 Megapixel camera, which were then stitched together and analyzed with Mapbox’ own map tile processing tools.

The drone, an e-bee, is basically just a foam wing with a brushless pusher motor. Its ground control software is proprietary but looks a lot like APM. The e-bee is a turnkey UAV product that weighs 700 grams and can stay airborne for 45 minutes. And if you are interested in price, you probably can’t afford it: USD $12.000.-

Looking at that pricetag, getting an Ardupilot for a hundred bucks sounds like the steal it is.

Video and map after the break.



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