French Railroad Company SNCF tests Quadcopters for inspection work

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In a completely unexpected turn of events, SNCF joins the many businesses discovering mini UAVs for inspection work. In this case, SNCF commissioned the french inspection company Diades to use a custom built quadcopter for inspecting TGV railway bridges – without interrupting the train schedule.

More interestingly, the quadcopter in use is a custom construction using a geared brushless motor system and a heavy 4kg rigid frame, offering 20 minutes of flight time and a maximum range of just 200 meters, apparently. It does have a decidedly french look to it, at least.

Cost: 500 Euros. Just kidding, that’s the “running cost per hour”. Allegedly this thing costs over EUR 100.000.-

Considering that you can get a GPS-ready drone with similar flight times and complete autonomous functionality for a bit over USD 200 .- the SNCF drone is unlikely to take the world by storm.

Video and photos after the break.



Le nouvau drone-inspecteur de la SNCF von 20Minutes

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