OpenROV does FPV diving on the cheap

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Remember the OpenROV Kickstarter? If you didn’t, it’s an open source underwater rover, or mini submarine with a camera built in. They’re using off the shelf components like a beaglebone, arduino and a PC webcam to get you what researchers and the military have to pay millions of dollars for.

It may not dive hundreds of feet down, but it’s still a nifty way to get into the whole underwater RC thing. They have an online store where you can get your hands on one of these for USD 850.-

There are actually few alternatives in this price segment, but for completeness sake: RC Sub Workshop offers kits on ebay for about 300 bucks, which even include gas diving systems instead of just static diving. However, these kits are more geared towards the modeling aspect, and less about FPV and exploring.


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