Parrot AR.Drone app coming to Windows 8 app store in December, makes Ballmer happy

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Steve Ballmer doesn’t have much reason to smile lately. But quadcopters can even make CEOs grin with glee, as evidenced in the snapshot below. The Parrot AR.FreeFlight app is going to be available on Windows 8 devices (including tablets and PC) this December, offering the same functionality we know from the iOS and Android app. The Windows Phone 8 app is still a ways off however, tentatively scheduled for “sometime in 2014”.


The truth is this app comes way too late for Windows 8, and the AR.Drone is outclassed and outpriced by leaps and bounds today. It’s not just that fly-aways are still a common problem with them (which the manufacturer continues to claim is “not a common or known problem“), but for that price you can get much more capable hardware today.

Update: Just in case you think we’re trolling, check out the Flyaway Club. And if you are chuckling because you own a DJI Phantom, don’t laugh too soon.

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