Two interesting and cheap 450-size quadcopters

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Two interesting offers just went up on GLB: First we have a complete F450 Quadcopter with Crius AIO Pro V1.1 flight controller, 20 Amp ESCs and Motors which comes pre-assembled for USD $140. Just attach the motors and connect your receiver and you’re ready to fly. Add a $25 GPS module, upload the MegaPirate firmware and you have a stable, GPS capable drone that does an unlimited number of waypoints.

The second offer is also a 450-sized quadcopter, but includes landing skids and an aluminum camera gimbal for your GoPro, complete with gimbal controller, 20A ESCs, Crius AIO V1.1 flight controller, motors and props. Price for this one is USD $231.-

These multicopters come without manuals, which means you will have to read up or watch a video on flashing MegaPirate, but the upside is that get a ton of features, especially unlimited waypoint planning and other nifty stuff that the closed-source competition charges a lot of money for.

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