APM Mission Planner 2.0 RC1 released

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Big changes are coming to the ground control software for the APM platform: the APM Planner team just released v2.0 RC1 of their new software. Based on QGroundControl, it blends in the classic APM Mission Planner user interface which means it’s immediately familiar to MissionPlanner 1.x users.


Of course this release is timed along with the recent start of sales of the Pixhawk flight controller and the IRIS drone system by 3DR. While this software uses Mavlink like the old versions, do note that compatibility with MegaPirateNG is not guaranteed. In our tests, flight operation worked fine but trying to change PID parameters causes unknown parameter errors. This may well be an issue with the current SVN versions of MegaPirate. Of course original APM 2.x and Pixhawk flight controllers are fully supported.


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