Bluetooth Telemetry Bridge on Kickstarter – UPDATE: Funding successful!

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For a pledge of just USD $139.- you can reserve your very own Bluetooth to 433/900 MHz telemetry bridge. That allows you to just use your android tablet or iPad with any of the MultiWii or Mavlink/APM compatible mission planner apps out there, without being limited to the range of Bluetooth. Basically it’s just a bluetooth module, a 433 or 900 MHz telemetry transmitter, and a LiPo battery.


If this sounds like something you could build yourself, it’s because that’s exactly what has already happened. Still, the price is not terribly unreasonable, and it’s a useful device for anyone flying APM, MegaPirate, MultiWii or similar.

Update: The project just reached it’s funding goals of USD $2.800,-


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