DHL says “me too” too, announces the Paketcopter

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You can’t say that we didn’t call this one. We said it’s not too late to slap a company logo on a multirotor for some nice press shots. After Amazon and UPS, DHL is next. Well at least DHL went beyond a mere press statement like UPS, and announced the Paketcopter, a multirotor for small parcel delivery.


Based on a Microdrone MD4-200, this press shot doesn’t even show any kind of release mechanism for the package. Apparently it’s not meant to be removed, instead you just stuff the wares into the box and then take them out of the box without removing it from the copter.

This drone will be used between December 9th and 13th to ferry medicine across the Rhein river. Their plans sound a bit more reasonable than those of Amazon, because DHL said they want to focus on fixed routes with well-known landing points, using multirotors for regions where regular cars are less efficient or slower.

Now we’re waiting for similar announcements by FedEx. But we all know PlanetExpress rules them all because they use a spaceship.

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    Very good job with your blog, I also have a similar project in Spanish, but I’m starting and is lacking in content.

    I posted an article about a Spanish company that has developed a drone to prevent fires. I’ve linked to your blog in my comments on amazon, would be great if you will publish a short article pointing to my article, I can try to write it for you in English, but my english is not very good… πŸ˜›

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