DJI announces Phantom 2 DNG support, Waypoints at the end of the year

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DJI announced that their new Phantom 2 quadcopter will receive a firmware update enabling it to capture photos in raw Adobe DNG format. This is certainly welcome news for everyone trying to eke out a bit more image quality out of that camera via appropriate post-processing. This update is expected to be released before the end of the year.

In other news the Phantom 2 will get waypoint capabilities!

dji-waypoint1This will also come via a firmware update, though that one is scheduled for January 2014. No specifics on the technical details yet, though we don’t expect you have to buy additional hardware for this – it’ll probably use the wifi link like the video streaming. Of course this would mean a maximum range of 300 meters – but again, we don’t know for sure yet. One thing is certain though, it’s great news for all Phantom 2 owners.


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