DSLRPros offers a turnkey DJI Phantom FPV set

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DSLRPros is offering a range of complete sets centered around an upgraded DJI Phantom. Basically they upgrade the motors and props, and add everything you need for FPV flight including gimbal, GoPro 3 camera, 5.8GHz video system, several batteries, a balancing charger, as well as a Futaba 8FG instead of the standard DJI Transmitter.


The ultimate set costs over USD $3,600.- although smaller sets are available for as low as $1,355.-

On one hand their marketing is a bit too rich, with them selling a “fluid pan mode” that is really just a dual-rate setting for the yaw axis, or the fact that their 5.8GHz system is “tuned to not interfere with GPS”… on the other hand, they offer some useful extensions for the Phantom like a battery tray that takes up to 4800mAh batteries, and a complete package means someone else took the guesswork out of the equation for you.¬† Whether or not that is worth the asking price¬† is up to you of course.

Click on “Read More” to check out the marketing video.


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