DYI DJI FPV remote kit comes in 2 sizes

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Remember that Phantom Ground Station that puts your Phantom transmitter guts into a new case and adds an LCD screen?

Goodluckbuy is now offering two versions of a similar product: Coming in 5 inch as well as 7 inch variants, these are kits that require some assembly and soldering – as well as disassembly of your phantom controller. Price is $330.- for the 5 inch model, or $370 for the larger 7 inch one. The case is made of carbon fiber, and the screens are reported to be IPS with a high brightness and contrast.

These kits are a bit more pricy than the ground station, but they’re also larger and look rather nice. Still, we can’t help but wonder if your money isn’t better spent on a proper RC transmitter, with the screen mounted on the handle.


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