FieldView 12 inch FPV Monitor

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An interesting daily over at The FieldView 1212 FPV monitor is a positively giant FPV monitor. According to Hobbyking, the 1212 has been “optimized for FPV use with features such as a non-blue screen if the input signal gets weak, a wide range of input voltages, an integrated 2 axis tripod mount and of course a removable sun shield for those sunny days.

And indeed, input voltage ranges from 6V to 24V. Resolution is 800×600 which is more than enough for FPV, but the brightness is a mere 330cd which is not really fit for bright summer days. However if you want a large screen that includes the sunshade and doesn’t bluescreen on a bad signal, you could do worse than spending $160 over at

Note that what you’re getting is essentially the same as the M1200 from FoxtechFPV, except they sell theirs for 10 bucks more.


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