MARS parachute system saves multirotor craft, headaches

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Have an expensive multirotor craft? MARS has an insurance for you. Their lineup of parachute deployment systems can accomodate a range of sizes and weights, with the biggest model MARS 120 being able to save a 11kg craft from the harsh consequences of continuous unimpeded exposure to gravity. That one is $1500, but the Mars Mini, which is suitable for 450-size frames such as the Phantom, is only $150.


Right in the middle is the Mars 58 which can save up to 4.5kg of expensive multirotor weight.

The MARS products are spring-loaded parachute storage and deployment units that can be simply attached to your rotorcraft and then triggered with a servo signal. While the bigger model is extremely impressive it does add a whole 1kg to your craft. The Mars Mini on the other hand weighs only 120g.

These systems are definitely interesting for the more professional FPV/UAV pilot where expensive camera payload needs to be saved in case of  loss of control or lift.

Stick around for the demo video after the break.




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