Skyjack uses airborne Raspberry Pi to hijack other AR.Drones

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Skyjack is a nifty piece of software that seeks out, hacks into and then takes control of any other AR.Drones it can reach. Basically it uses wifi packet injection to deauthenticate the actual owner’s ipad/iphone/android phone, and then connects to the drone. Using a custom node.js script it then sends flight control commands to the AR.Drone. With complete control, it is possible to do things like send all AR.Drones nearby to a custom location. Since this uses a Raspberry Pi, it can be flown around on another quadcopter, essentially “scooping up” any AR.Drones, stealing them from their rightful owner.

This both awesome and scary piece of tech was made by Samy Kamkar, and it pretty much shows that future drone warfare will be fought on many levels. Imagine those Amazon drones getting rerouted to a different location…

Check out the demo video after the break.

(via Engadget)


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