Upgrade your DJI Naza to Waypoints

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If you’re looking to upgrade your Naza to add waypoint capabilities, this set from Foxtech is not a bad offer: You get the DJI Canhub, iOSD and the datalink receiver and transmitter for USD $332.-

Of course you have to update your Naza to the latest firmware. This set works with the Naza, Naza2, WKM, Ace One and A2 flight controllers. In total, a typical waypoint-capable setup runs you about 500 bucks, which is very cheap for DJI.


On the open source side the same capability, without restricting the user to 16 waypoints, can be had for $100 – but it means more effort during setup and tuning. On the other hand, DJI components come in waterproof cases with very solid connectors, while the open source offerings are often barebone PCBs. The DJI system appears to be using a frequency hopping 2.4GHz data transmission system, which is pretty good. The airborne transmitter even includes a dual antenna setup for improved link quality. Range is specified to be around 1km outdoors.

Bottom line: Still a bit pricy, but DJI is slowly getting down to the “realistic” price range.


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