Blade 350 QX AP adds 2-axis gimbal and HD camera

January 30, 2014 17:20 | By | 2 Comments

Horizon just announced the Blade 350 QX AP, obviously meant to compete with the DJI Phantom Vision, but featuring an actual brushless gimbal with an included full HD camera. This RTF package even features an integrated 5.8GHz video downlink.



• 2-axis brushless gimbal with optional pitch control
• 1080/30 camera with 720/30 video downlink to mobile devices
• 3S 3000 mAh flight battery for extended shoots
• New DX4 Transmitter

The 350 QX AP Combo also takes on a host of upgrades to the existing system including:
• New RF chipset with external antenna
• Improved GPS performance and accuracy
• Visual compass error detection to alert the user for calibration
• Simplified radio solution for ease of use
• Included AC/DC charging solution
• White battery hatch for improved orientation

Availability is planned for late May 2014, at a retail price of $1,149.99 – which is quite a lot of money for the convenience of an RTF.  If you don’t mind fiddling with the inner workings a bit, a similar-performing system can be had for a lot less.

Check out the product video after the break.


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  1. While I think this is a fantastic package (HobbyTownUSAs price is $999.99 if you wish to pre order), and while I think it’s a better option than the DJI phantom 2 vision… I think as it is alluded in the article you’re better going even with an ARF kit, or building your own, and you can have the quad, the camera, and even fatsharks purchased separately for $100 dollars less. (Which, the 350QXAP does not include video goggles)

    • fpvcentral says:

      The only thing you don’t get with the previous version and which you can’t really add-on later is the larger battery size. The regular 350QX just won’t hold a 3000mAh battery, and thus mounting a gimbal + camera will greatly reduce flight times to something like 4-5 minutes.

      A cheap, lightweight gimbal can be had for 60 dollars including controller, add a camera and you’re likely still a lot under 1000 bucks – that is true. The price point is directly set against the Phantom Vision, as long as that one doesn’t get cheaper HorizonHobby has no reason to lower the QX AP price.

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