Draganfly Shadow and Guardian announced

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Draganfly recently announced theirĀ  Shadow and Guardian models, which are RTF Quadcopters designed to carry camera payloads for extended filming missions. Both share the same frame, with the Guardian sporting stronger motors and a bigger battery.

BLACK-Draganfly-Innovations-Logo Draganflyer-controller

Both come with a fancy-looking handheld radio with a bright color touchscreen in the center. The shadow sports a 300g payload capacity, while the Guardian can carry up to 400g at even longer flight times. Available options include a vibration dampened GoPro mount, a stabilizing GoPro gimbal, as well as a stabilized 1-axis gimbal for a 20 megapixel sony camera with optical zoom.

Of course both support GPS position hold, return home, altitude hold, etc. and the Guardian even comes in a stylish pelican case for quick mission deployment. No word on pricing yet, though with a turnkey system like that, expect a nice four-digit sum.

Promotion video after the break.


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