Hubsan working on “Hi-Spec” FPV goggles for April 2014

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Hubsan is promising a lot of things lately. Recently, their announced H109 quadcopter was supplemented by the H109S Pro X4. Then, Hubsan changed their mind and said that the regular H109 is not going to be released, as they plan to focus on the H109S.

Just recently, Hubsan stated that they are working on a “hi spec” update of their H510 FPV goggles. No details or price point was released, but the planned release date is April 2014.

With a flood of cheap, wide-angle Oculus-clones about to burst into the market, they better be cheap, quick and/or offer something your typical Fat Shark does not. Currently, the best FPV experience can be had on an Oculus Rift devkit with a small PC doing the necessary video distortion. Small single-board solutions as well as complete 3D cameras that already output an oculus-ready signal are about to enter production. Our glass ball says the days of 40-degree FOV goggles like FatShark are most likely numbered.

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  1. Jeffx says:

    Any follow up to this? Did Hubsan ever come out with a new set of goggles?

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