Turnigy T1000FC fixed wing autopilot

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Need a simple GPS-based autopilot for your FPV model, with autolevel and return to launch function that doesn’t break the bank? Hobbyking’s T1000FC may well fill that need. It’s basically a complete package with accelerometers for autoleveling, barometer for altitude hold, as well as a GPS antenna for navigation. Best of all, it’s $70.- which makes this a no-brainer if you don’t require waypoints and just want a safety device that brings your plane home.


It supports various airframe types (traditional, V-tail, A-Tail, flying wings) and features multiple flight modes. For example, you can have the FC limit the bank and roll angles to 45 degrees, you can turn the stabilization on or completely off, and there’s altitude hold and direction hold modes. On top of that you can of course have the autopilot steer the plane back to the starting point automatically.

If this got you interested, you can order this autopilot over at HobbyKing.

Also check out the impressive demonstration video after the break.

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