Ex-Ubisoft veterans plan to map the earth for a giant game – using drones of course

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If you want to show the collapse of civilization in a game, having a realistic, detailed world is key. Several former Ubisoft have founded Pixyul to do just that. Their first project, ReRoll, is slated to arrive in several installments called “Bricks”. Brick 1 aims to recreate the city of Montreal, with more locations to follow. The core idea of Pixyul is to utilize autonomous drones to create high-resolution imagery and 3D scans of the world.

This ambitious project is going to face severe issues in the wake of restrictive legislation being passed in countries all over the world or, as is the case in the USA, commercial use of drones being heavily debated right now. Nevertheless, an ambitious project indeed. For now they are betting everything on the results of their crowdfunding campaign, which they conduct outside Kickstarter et al – for now, have a flashy animated teaser trailer after the break.

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