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Hobbyking is selling a miniature version of the Ardupilot APM 2.5 flight controller. This board features a HMC5883L compass, MPU-6000 gyro/acc, MS5611-01BA03 barometer sensor as well as a ATMEGA2560 8-bit microcontroller.

apmminiThe only problem is, things have moved on with the introduction of the PixHawk flight controller. And at a price of USD $83.- without GPS or telemetry the MegaMini is not exactly a bargain offer either. The fact is that the 8-bit APM platform will not see much new development over the next few years, so you better be content with the current state of affairs for there won’t be much in terms of revolutionary new updates for this platform.

Regardless, if you yearn for a more portable (even if slightly outdated) APM, the MegaMini is up for order on the HK website now. And who knows, maybe the price will drop down a bit, making this a good alternative to the T1000FC to throw in to your everyday model as an automated return-home and recovery system.

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  1. Gary says:

    Um, it actually is available with GPS for ~$120, so how can that be compared to the Pixhawk at $280?
    Looks like a real bargain to me. Please illuminate us on what makes the Pixhawk worth $160 more. 🙂

    • fpvcentral says:

      The thing is, you can get an APM 2.6 for 50 bucks nowadays.

      Pixhawk is simply a different beast, with built-in hardware redundancy etc.
      Do you need a Pixhawk under all circumstances? Absolutely no. Depends on what you want. If it’s APM you want, there *are* cheaper offers out there.

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