Snoopy drone snoops your WiFi

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Snoopy is a drone designed to fly around and make as many wireless devices connect to it as possible. It then proceeds to siphon off as much valuable data as possible, like netbanking logins, social network site passwords, and pretty much anything else that we don’t want others to get their hands on.

Snoopy is even capable of man-in-the-middle attacks on SSL, as well as doing it’s best to keep you to the plaintext-versions of sites to begin with.  It does all this by responding to the inquiries that our mobile devices send out for the networks they already know – acting as that free Starbucks wifi access point that you keep stored in your phone, or even your home wifi.

In essence, this is nothing groundbreaking and very similar to a WiFi pineapple, only that they mounted this on a quadcopter. Still, quite an interesting threat vector for companies or governments. In ten years, that little toy RC plane or copter may well be an actual threat rather than a childs plaything. It should be noted however that you can often do the same thing with less effort and risk using a good directional antenna.


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