Hobbyking announces Quanum Nova RTF Quadcopter, a rebranded CX-20

April 17, 2014 12:24 | By | 7 Comments

HK recently announced that they’re going to sell a rebranded version of the Cheerson CX-20 soon, calling it the “Quanum Nova”:


The CX-20 is a GPS-capable quadcopter comparable to the DJI Phantom. We haven’t had a chance to review one yet, but from various flight footage on youtube this model seems to be very stable and have a good GPS position hold function. The RTF copter features a replaceable RC receiver so you can connect your favorite RC control system and use your existing transmitter instead.  Interestingly, the cool-looking external GPS antenna seems to be for show only, as images by customers show that the actual antenna is right inside the quadcopter’s main body.

The original CX-20 is on sale for $330 on Banggood, so it remains to be seen how much HK will charge for this one.


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  1. RenatoA says:

    There is no reason, but absolutely none, to have the GPS outside as a mushroom.
    The trend comes from the DJI questionable design decision to place the magnetometer in the same case as GPS, the two not being related functionally at all.
    Even the magnetometer placement on a pilon is not a wise solution, is just a wrokaround instead curring the real issue. The right engineering way is keep away the high current wiring from the middle of the platform, as many does today using the “distribution” boards.
    Check how are done the venerable mikrocopter distribution boards, not centric, but as a ring, to keep currents far from magetometer 😉

    • fpvcentral says:

      Agreed, it makes little sense to have the GPS mounted externally, only the magnetometer should be away from the high-current wiring. A few centimeters are often enough to get rid of interference. DJI does it that way because they want to sell the GPS as an extra device anyway, so integrating it into the flight controller box is not in their interest.

      Interestingly, the CX20 does exactly that, they have the magnetometer right inside the main controller box, which is zip-tied to the center of the copter, with the current-conducting traces going around that area in a circular fashion. Why they chose to have an external dummy GPS antenna dome… we’ll probably never know.

  2. Dogdude says:

    Having the GPS in a raised puck is still a good idea if at some later point you wish to add a 5.8GHz transmitter for live video feed as these can interfere with GPS lock if there’s not enough seperation

  3. Fran says:

    The CX20 have the GPS mounted externaly, I have open the top and it’s there

  4. Carlos Centeno says:

    Puedo comprar un drone de estos si vivo en México? gracias!

  5. Gordon says:

    I am thinking about buying a Quanum Nova, but I also laid my eyes on the Walkera QR X350. Which one is the most reliable in your opinionplease?

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