Hubsan X4 Pro – even more footage

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Apparently the Hubsan X4 is slated for a big reveal at the Bejing Expo soon. And in preparation they’ve posted another video which does look quite awesome indeed. And compared to the Phantom 2 (which we are currently reviewing btw) the X4 appears to be in another class entirely. Hubsan seems to have spent their time perfecting the stabilization to a level we’ve only seen with the Blade 350QX – at least when it comes to RTF quads.

Will the X4 be amazing, or will it be plagued by design flaws like the Phantom 2’s magnetizable compass sensor cover? Hopefully we will find out soon! If this footage is anything to go by, we’re going to have a really hot summer.

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  1. daninho says:

    who wrote this article? The Blade 350 is totally inferior to the phantom2, the blade is even more a toy, it dont offer a proper software, 3D Gimbal, OSD, a grown up flight controller etc… How on earth they can claim the blade is better then a phantom?

    • fpvcentral says:

      We’ve reviewed about half a dozen different mid-range RTF quads, and dozens of flight controllers. The Blade is definitely smaller and has shorter flight times. The flight stabilization is absolutely superior to the Phantom 2. It does support gimbals.

      In terms of pure flight, agility and stability, the Q350 beats the Naza flight controllers (and thus the Phantom 2). There’s simply no argument about this.

      Also, the Phantom 2 has a critical design flaw due to a magnetizable compass sensor housing. The Blade has a plastic sensor case and the screws that hold that assembly are non-magnetizable.

      In general, the Phantom 2 is decidedly mid-range. For example, in comparison with RTF quads by 3DR it’s not only more expensive, but lacks features such as 433/900MHz telemetry and mission control with unlimited waypoints.

      But of course DJI has a huge marketing budget, and a lot of fans. It’s difficult to convince people that there are other choices. Not all of them carry a camera for 20 minutes, but the Blade does have the better flight stabilization for aerobatics and stunts. It also performs better at GPS position hold, and has a generally better GPS implementation (shorter startup times, etc)

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