Oculus FPV is yet another stereoscopic FPV project for RC models

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We love our Oculus SDK1, so much that in addition to a DK2 preorder, we also backed the RiftUP! project. So it’s all the better to see more and more RC applications to pop up.


The Oculus FPV is a project by the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, mounting two cameras on a 2-axis servo mechanism (no brushless gimbal there sadly) and using two separate video downlinks for left and right eye. Sadly they went the cheap route, simply using a tiny program running on a full Windows PC to calculate the image distortion required to make things look good on the oculus. We’d say this is the easiest way to achieve this effect without designing custom hardware like the Transporter3D.

Commendably, the full writeup of the project as well as all sourcecode can be found on Github.



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  1. I feel like this would just make me dizzy. Definitely requires 2 people to control and view!

  2. Rob says:

    This Video (Project) is 4 months old (and ‘finished’ / ended).

    Searching on YT for “Oculus FPV” turns up over 16,000 Videos (mostly on people’s attempts to use the Oculus Rift for FPV) and few of those Videos are as NEW as 4 months, many are a year old.

    Publicizing a different Project (more mature and still ongoing) would have made for a better Article. Still, it is great that many people are doing this; more power to all of them.

    Now if they could only master uploading their 3D Videos to YT correctly (set the 3D Flag in the Upload Pane) so we can see them in 3D on the YT Flash Player. Almost none of the Oculus Videos are uploaded (and displayed) as SbS (and not 3D).

  3. Dronepedia says:

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