Fatshark Spyhawk Bundle by Hobbyking

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Let’s face it, the Hubsan Spyhawk is not the most amazing piece of RC gear that you could get. For pure beginners it does have its virtues however. The experience was hampered by an inflated price (early setsĀ sold for as much as 400 dollars) and a stabilization system that could not be disabled. That the original transmitter had an extremely short battery life didn’t help either.

Hobbyking is now offering a package that includes the Hubsan Spyhawk v2, the Fatshark Teleporter v3 goggles, a 5.8GHz Fatshark-compatible video transmission system with cloverleaf antenna, and the console-controller sized Hubsan transmitter without integrated TFT screen. The whole package retails for USD 299.-


All things considered, that price tag is decent. The goggles aren’t going to rock your world (and with Oculus-sized FOV goggles soon to become the norm, the current 40-ish degree FOV goggles are going to be obsolete by next year), the transmitter is basically a toy, and the Spyhawk itself isn’t the most amazing plane there is – but as whole, that’s not a bad package for beginners.


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