FPVStyle Unicorn 1 combo features interesting video goggles

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Warning: The retailer mentioned in this article appears to not be fulfilling orders. See our news on this for more details.

So, www.fpvstyle.com is selling a kit for USD 499.- containing a mini FPV quadcopter and video goggles. The specs on the quad sound pretty alright, even though we don’t know the flight controller it does have GPS and uses SimonK firmware on the ESCs and a claimed flight time of 15 minutes on 2200mAh 3S batteries.


So far so mildly interesting. Until you see that they’ve finally caught on to the day and age of the Oculus Rift, and done away with the now-obsolete FPV goggles we’re used to. It’s a giant pair of goggles with a wide field of view! Check out the closeups after the break!



Finally! It’s not just an Oculus ripoff, but they actually included a diversity receiver! This is extremely good news, and the best part: the goggles can be purchased separately for USD $199.-


The kit is also available on GLB for a bit more (with and without goggles), though they don’t charge for shipping so this may or may not end up cheaper depending on where you live.


Full specs:

Unicorn-1 Mini Quadcopter FPV whole solution
main component:
Flight Controller with GPS ,
FPV camera:CMOS 600TVL,
200MW VTX,
light weight motor with SimonK ESC,
5X3 propeller glass-fiber mixed material increase the efficiency, with UV function and Luminous function,
Full carbon fiber structure frame with foldable design
2.4G Remote Controller with telemetry function
+ Flight Control integration design, concentrated with gyroscope, balance meter, pressure meter
+ 3 flight modes,, 5 flying functions(attitude, hight, GPS, returning, IOC)
+ High precision GPS support, high precision fixed-point, constant speed, and with good resistance to wind.
+ High precision high, climbing at a constant speed, automatic landing , and with good resistance to wind.
+ Effectively enhance the flight safety and reduce drop probability by self-course reversal and hover when losing control.
+ Intelligent landing test, the power output will stop once landing –provide a perfect landing.
+ Low voltage protection, low voltage automatic landing, significantly prolong the service life of battery.
+ Intelligent couse control, in spite the aeroplane heading.
+ Calibrating and starting flying with no use to contact the computer.
+ USB hub available, no diver required.
+ Automatical firmware upgrading online
+ System one key recover
+ Flying area restrict, height and distance can be auto controllerd.
size: 258mm
weight: 360g
flight time: 15minute with 2200MAH 3S battery
Clairvoyance 32 ch FPV Goggle idea from OCULUS, its 3D glass with 5inch screen with 400*480 for each eyes, 800*480 image with 3D function
all in one design include:
main frame,
5 inch monitor,
32 channel receiver
Dua antennas,
2D to 3D convertor,
weight only 275g with out battery
voltage: 6-16V/1A


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  1. Dave says:

    the basic frame for the goggles is a cheap pair of 3d goggles for a phone. I bought 1 of these of ebay for £5. same strap, lenses and even the foam around them. They are very very narrow and uncomfortable.


  2. victor says:

    i just got mine and what a peice of junk. the charging cord does not work in the us, the prop nuts are screwed down so tight i couldnt remove them with vice grips and all the parts were loose in the bottom of the box and beat the shit out of the controller. major scratches on the screen

  3. Marc says:

    Yeah…avoid anything to do with FPVStyle.com!!! I purchased the Unicorn-X with arms that tilt and a fly-sky remote included and both are straight up garbage with no support from either manufacturer. This is my first quad so when it did not fly out of the box I did a factory reset on the remote. It needs to be ‘binded’ but I am clueless which basically turns my unicorn into an expensive paper weight

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